There are three main reasons why you might be having difficulty logging in. 

1. You have not received your login credentials after registering.

If this is the case for you, almost always the issue is that the email with your login credentials has been sent to your spam folder by your internet service provider. Check there.

If it has been over 30 minutes since you've purchased NINJA Monthly, and your login credentials are not in your inbox or spam folder, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support (see link below), and someone will assist you as soon as possible. 

2. You were a member previously and are attempting to login to our old website. 

Our old website is NINJA Monthly is located at

Please go to and enter the login credentials you received via email. 

3. You are attempting to log in to the Dojo with your or Another71 login credentials. 

Please be sure you are using the login credentials you received for the Dojo. This will be separate from your or Another71 forum login credentials and payment account you used at purchase. 

If none of these issues describes your problem, please submit a ticket here, and we will help you as soon as possible.