This issue does not apply if you are a $67/month NINJA Monthly subscriber. 

If you are looking for the updated version of a product previously purchased prior to February 2018, meaning one purchased before NINJA Monthly's existence, we are happy to get you an updated version. As an example, you purchased NINJA Notes as a standalone product in early 2017, but would like the current version. 

In order for us to process this for you, email us at with your NTS for your upcoming exam and we'll be glad to send the update(s).

Since your purchase was over several years ago, this is a small requirement we have to ensure people are still taking the exam when they ask for updates.

If you don't have an NTS yet, just contact us when you have it and we'll promptly send the updates to you. Since an NTS is good for at least six months, it won't rush any sort of study process.

Note: Again, this does not apply to NINJA Monthly subscribers. Your NINJA Monthly subscription allows you access to the most up to date NINJA Study Materials 24/7.