Changing your Exam Section from, say, AUD to FAR in NINJA Monthly is easy.

Simply go to our Switcher Page within the Dojo. You can use the Switcher to switch from your current exam section to another.

Generally speaking, though, once you’ve made the switch, you cannot switch back to the section you are leaving or to any other section for 30 days. Rare is the candidate who studies for 3 exam sections in less than 30 days. However, we’re flexible, as each situation is different, so you may have a situation that warrants more than one switch (NTS issues, etc). If you feel you have one of these rare cases, reach out to us (, and we’re happy to switch you.

Note: Your request may take a little time - usually no more than a few minutes - to process. Additionally, you will have to log out and log back in for the switch to take effect.